90 Years of JURA 

Since 1931 the Swiss company has stood for quality, innovation, design – and sustainability.

What began 90 years ago as a one-man company has grown to become an international business operating in around 50 countries worldwide. While JURA originally made a wide range of domestic appliances for the Swiss market only, since the mid-1990s it has focused exclusively on automatic specialty coffee machines and today it is regarded as an innovation leader in this sector worldwide. But of course, every success has a story behind it, and the brand's values are firmly rooted in the firm's history. Today as in the past, quality, innovation, design and longevity – and therefore sustainability – are core elements of the JURA brand.

Longevity – the key to sustainability
Using the planet's resources responsibly has always played a central role at JURA. Designing products that are built to last and easy to service is a vital part of the company's philosophy. JURA does not believe in a throwaway mentality. From the very start of the development process, products are designed to be durable and easy to service. To achieve these ambitious goals, individual components and every new coffee machine are put through their paces in stringent quality testing. The success of this approach was proved by an independent study published in early 2021, which found that JURA coffee machines outperform all other brands with an average service life of nine years, three years longer than the industry average.

Innovative premium products
At the heart of JURA's success lie products of uncompromising high quality. Automatic specialty coffee machines that stir the emotions. That achieve perfect coffee quality while offering exceptional ease of use and outstanding design. At JURA headquarters, located in Niederbuchsiten in the heart of Switzerland for 90 years, engineers develop the technologies of tomorrow. They continually deliver innovations that inspire customers, all focused on a single concept: the ultimate specialty coffees, "freshly ground, not capsuled".

Excellent maintainability
The ease with which a coffee machine can be serviced is a key design requirement at JURA, to ensure that the product retains its value over a long period. Components are designed so that they can be removed, reconditioned and reassembled by the service team. In most cases, new and improved parts are also backwards-compatible. This ensures that spare parts remain available for many years while allowing older models to benefit from product improvements.

Unique design
The design of a product plays a crucial role in its longevity. JURA aims to create timeless, elegant products that still look fresh and new even after years of service. Clean, strong lines with a high recognition factor transcend short-lived trends. This design approach is complemented by high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship.

Customer service continues after purchase
At JURA, the customer relationship doesn't stop once the purchase has been made – quite the opposite. Ever since the company was founded, service has been an integral part of the brand's promise. A highly trained customer service team is available to answer customers' questions. And with unique services such as 2-hour, half-day and one-day service, 24/7 service in our glass service factory and the excellent maintainability of our coffee machines, JURA raises the bar in this area too. When a customer chooses JURA, they aren't just choosing a coffee machine – they are also choosing exceptional quality and first-class service.

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