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ENA 4 – the new, compact one-cup machine from JURA, the result of lots of experience and a passion for smart products. It's a difference you can taste.
The ENA 4 is incredibly simple to use: just press a button and enjoy. You can preselect three aroma levels and specify that you want to use ground coffee. True to the JURA motto “Freshly ground, not capsuled”, the AromaG3 grinder offers exceptionally fast grinding while preserving all the aroma of the beans. 

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SGD 1,300.00
Maximum quantity available reached.

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Sku: 15344A
Vendor: JURA

The JURA ENA4 all black Bundle provides you with a complete Espresso Station, all needed to get started is provided, from Coffee Beans to a set of Espresso Glasses and a Coffee Mug with Spoons. and Enjoy your Coffee.

The following Items are included in the JURA ENA4 Machine Bundle worth SGD 1,487.60

15344 JURA ENA4 all black
00010 JURA Coffee Beans 4x250g
71451 Espresso Glass (Set of 2)
71569 JURA Lungo Cup (1 Piece)
66963 JURA Espresso Spoon (Set of 2)
66961 JURA Coffee Spoon (Set of 2)


JURA machines are supplied ex RICMAS Facility German Centre. The customer can always collect his newly purchased machine from RICMAS Facility during our opening hours from Mon-Fri 08:30 to 17:30.
But we also do provide free delivery of JURA Machine to the customer's residence within Singapore only. The delivery will take place within latest 2-3 days after purchase. We shall inform the customer forehand of the delivery Date / Time. During Delivery we shall set-up the Machine for you to start using it straight away.
You are also entitled to a free Machine Demonstration right at your home within the first Month after Delivery.

The JURA ENA4 all black comes with a 12 Months Warranty provided by RICMAS to protect against any Manufacturing Faults.
Should a Machine show Defects within seven Days after Delivery, RICMAS shall repair or replace the Machine. However, the Decision to Repair or Replace is at the sole Discretion of the Service Department and the Customer has no Right to demand a Replacement.

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